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About: 200 words too long as usual

I am a high school teacher.  As such I have strong and occasionally angry opinions concerning today’s youth and the public education system in general.  I am also a fan of B movies.  As such I have strong and occasionally silly opinions concerning the art and science of making B movies.  Finally I am a minister of the Gospel and I have an obligation to the King to share His Good News with everyone. God Loves You.  Jesus died for you.  Now YOU have to decide what to do about it.  Consider yourself advised.



1. wildstorm - April 11, 2010

Hey Mr Dang Time. You married? Maybe we can chat some time.

regan222 - April 11, 2010

Goodness!! are you an internet stalker??

2. ataylor232 - February 23, 2013

have you done any study on modern apologetic authors?

regan222 - February 23, 2013

I am not perhaps the student of apologetics that I should be because I do not feel that the Christian faith/the Bible/the salvation experience can be or needs be defended. Trying to explain the supernatural experience of salvation or the Christian life using logic or empirical evidence is like building a nuclear reactor with Legos. It is the wrong tool for the job. Faith-based things should be accepted on…well…faith. My job is to witness and testify. The supernatural drawing power of the Holy Spirit will convince those who listen with a willing heart of the truth of the gospel. Scoffers will contine to scoff until they see for themselves the truth.

ataylor232 - February 24, 2013

I see what you are saying, I just went to an apologetic conference this weekend and I have learned a great deal. Something I learned was that so many people really struggle with “faith”. There are so many different ways and styles that people think and process things. Many people are analytical and emotional faith stuff comes after proof. Another thing I learned is that if someone makes a statement of truth (or what they think is truth) then it is their responsibility to back it up and show proof to support their belief. If the point of witnessing is to bring people to Christ than showing back up through the truth of science and all the loose ends we have found that can only be explained by an intelligent designer.. or “nothing” which doesn’t exist and there is no evidence of “nothing” ever existing.
I really think that the best ways of showing people the truth is to let people come to the realization of the flaws in the lies that they believe and you can do that through apologetics.
I am just really excited about it all, and my faith only grew stronger and I gained a lot of confidence by knowing these things. There are a lot of questions that people seriously wanting to know about God or christianity will be asking and I think to be a true and affective witness, we should have the answers to those questions so we dont look stupid or like we have a blind faith with no proof aside a feeling or “we just believe in it.”

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