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A Grim Fairytale August 27, 2013

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schoolI read this today while sitting and waiting for the copy machine to finish. I did not write it but I am paraphrasing it. I would give credit but the author was not listed. Like many things, it is something I WISH I had written:

A Grim Fairytale.
Once upon a time there was a king who decided to honor the greatest and most successful of his subjects. He declared a holiday and called all his subjects together for a banquet to celebrate the best of his kingdom. One by one, the wisest and best of his subjects were called up to receive honor and rewards for their service to the kingdom.

The first to be called was a famous doctor. He worked tirelessly to cure one and all of every disease known. He gave his time and efforts to rich and poor alike. Of all the physicians of the kingdom, he was the undisputed chief and yet he was a modest and kind-hearted man. As he walked up the stairs to the throne, clothed in the finest garments, the crowd burst into cheers. The king presented him with great rewards for his service to the kingdom.

The next to be called was a brilliant engineer. He had given his life to building great works to benefit the kingdom. He built vast bridges, tall towers, and mighty buildings and each construction was of the highest quality. He knelt before the king, arrayed in the finest garments money could buy, the picture of success. The king heaped praise upon him for his contributions.

One after another, the best and brightest of each profession was called forth and the king presented each with honors and awards for the skills they possessed and the contributions they had made to the kingdom. Until finally the last name on the list was called.

A modest looking elderly gentleman stepped forward. His clothes were clean but threadbare and worn. His shoulders stooped slightly and he squinted through spectacles as he approached the throne. “There must be some mistake”, said the king. “I wish to honor the most successful of my subjects”. “This fellow does not look like he has contributed much at all.”

The wisest of the king’s councilors stepped to his side and said, “But your majesty, this is the teacher who educated all of these other men.” “He taught the doctor to read.” “He taught the engineer to count.” “He is responsible for making them what they are.” “He taught them knowledge but also gave them wisdom and compassion as well.”

The king came down from his throne, took the old gentleman by the arm and escorted him up and sat him in the king’s chair. “What possible reward can I give you”, said the king. “What would you ask of me after all these years of service?” “As you are responsible for much good in my kingdom, great will be your reward.”

This is a wonderful story but remember…it’s a fairytale. Educators spend a lifetime in a career with little monetary reward and often, little respect or acknowledgement from society. We do what we do because it needs to be done. The work is its own reward. Often educators are capable of making a much more lucrative living in some other field but be glad that they don’t. Think about it for a moment. If no one taught, what would you have learned. If you can read this fairytale, thank a teacher.



1. Laurel Scales - August 28, 2013

Life lessons are taught everyday. We reach out to those who are only beginning this journey called life. Thank you, Lord, for all the teachers you place on the path, who brought us outside ourselves and allowed us to look and see what you put before us.

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