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They’re Coming to Get You Barbara July 5, 2013

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Let me begin by making it clear that this is not a sermon in any way.  It is merely a question.  I have heard, all my life, various and sundry ideas or theories about vague shadowy secret organizations, who, in one form or another, were controlling the course of the world and its great mass of sheep-like people for their own greedy ends.  Like most moderately intelligent folks I dismissed these ideas on the grounds that the logistics of managing a secret world government and keeping it secret, would at the very least, stretch the bonds of human ability to the breaking point.  There are just too many moving parts necessary for it to be possible…or so I had always thought.

Today I watched the video that I have embedded into this post.  It is a fairly long movie but the general premise is that a shadowy group of power brokers and elitist businessmen are secretly controlling every aspect of American, and indeed World, government.  It would be wise now to pause and spend the next hour or so viewing the video to be able to give this post a fair hearing.  You should probably view the movie quickly in case there is something to this theory. They (the all-powerful and invisible they) will probably not let the video remain online once it is discovered. According to the film, a consortium called the Bilderberg Group is forming, or has already formed a shadow government dedicated to destroying civil liberty, national sovereignty, and the basic rights that we as Americans have come to enjoy (and take so much for granted).  These world political and business leaders are using their positions as bankers and policy makers to initiate a vast plan of government and economic manipulation designed to bring the common people of the world into slavery (or at least serfdom) under a single world government.  Through the principles of Eugenics they are even conspiring to breed the common man (and woman) into a docile population of pliant worker drones.

The existence of the Bilderberg Group is not a myth.  The link I have provided is to a Wiki that lists the members and where they may be found.  The page should open in a new tab or window so you can check it out and then keep reading here.  The purpose, after all, is to provide me with an answer to my question.  You will recognize many of the names and positions.  The group holds meetings every four years.  With each member, the years which they have attended are also listed.  The meetings have reportedly been held since 1954 and are conducted under the utmost secrecy and security.  Even the American Secret Service is supposed to be involved in securing the sites.1 The buildings where the meetings are held are simply thick with ex military types in sunglasses and ear phones, each carrying more firepower than an entire platoon of infantry.

The group is, according to the film, an offshoot of the old Rothschild/Rockefeller conspiracy. Its manipulations are traced all the way back to feudal Europe and it is blamed for starting or at least encouraging every major war since Napoleon met Wellington. I have heard many different variations of this same story over the years, and , once again, had dismissed them all. The Rockefeller and the Rothschild families were in cahoots with everyone from the UN to the Illuminati. Every single influential person on Earth was considered a member or had been co-opted by the vast wealth at play here. Groups like the Masons and possibly even the Mooses are their tools and leg-men, and they have predetermined the results of every major election in every country in the world since Greece. These guys could give statecraft and treachery lessons to Machiavelli and are so stealthy that the combined might of the world’s intelligence agencies can not even find of whiff of their nefarious machinations. The video puts them behind every major event in our culture from World War I to the instigation of the Trans-Texas Corridor and NAFTA. Anyhow, you get the idea. These guys are good at being bad.

Now to my question. As stated, I had dismissed the very idea of something this involved and complex as being beyond human capability. I acknowledge the existence, or at least the possibility of an antichrist figure in the world who will bring everyone under a single rule but I believe his rule will not be the result of a long-term conspiracy coming to fruition. It will be, rather, as the result of foolish people being fooled by what they see. Satan himself might be able to pull this off but, as often as not, his servants get in each other’s way and do harm to their own cause. (“Oft evil will shall evil mar” – Théoden King of Rohan) And yet, as I look around me I can begin to see why people could think that some great evil is responsible for the World’s ills. Too many things are synergistically working against us. Bizarre and wacky political decisions are the norm. We allow ourselves to be anesthetized by celebrity gossip and “reality” TV while real issues go unresolved and often, unreported. I suppose then, my question is…Is it real? Do the theories and ideas I have so long laughed off and ignored, have merit? IS SOMETHING GOING ON WE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT??? What do you think? This one time I would like to see comments (well thought out opinions only please and be ready to cite sources (or at least sites) to back up your ideas. Is the IRS about to become the new Gestapo? Is the UN in charge of the New World Order? Somebody introduce me to the new Boss. Is he the same as the old Boss?? By the way, if you are a member of this secret society and are reading this, please don’t have me executed. I just wanna know who to salute.



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