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Regan White – Inaugural Sermon – Central Baptist Church May 8, 2012

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To lead off with “And so it begins” seems a little trite but then I can’ t help it.  For better or worse I believe that I faithfully presented the message God provided me.  I can do no more than that.  My intent is to do that every time I step into a pulpit, or for that matter, leave the house.  I think that is all anyone can hope for.

Having been around church all my life I have heard preachers constantly talk about opposition to a message.  They tell about how a spirit of opposition fights against them or tries to distract them as they present God’s Word.  I had no idea.  I have been a daily public speaker for many years.  I am comfortable in front of an audience or congregation and yet for the first time in a long time I had difficulty communicating to my listeners (at least I hope they were listening).  If you are a Christian who is of the opinion that the opposition is somehow spiritualized or that the Devil is merely a representation of Man’s wickedness and that he does not really exist then boy do I have news for you!

As the late Paul Harvey would say “And now the rest of the story.”  I presented the word.  I “bragged on Jesus” as our Pastor is so fond of saying.  I faithfully executed my office in the face of opposition by the Grace of God.  Here in is the evidence.  I hope this message is uplifting or helpful in some way and that you receive a blessing from it.  Please take it in the sense that it was presented and remember that in the past of every great servant of God there is a unsure, awkward, and frightened rookie who had to start somewhere.  Thank you for helping me in the beginning.  God Bless.



1. Laurel Scales - May 9, 2012

Hard subject, wonderful presentation. You did a great job and we are so pleased you chose to share.

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