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A Knot in the Tail of Schrodinger’s Cat May 4, 2012

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How is your catA few weeks ago I introduced you happy readers to the physical paradox that is Schrödinger’s cat. In a nutshell, the cat is a thought experiment where one places a cat, a poison delivery system, and a random trigger into a box. Eventually the cat buys it but we don’t know exactly when until the box is opened. The premise being that the system is in chaos and is unstable until the lid is opened and cat examined. At this point perception forces the system into one of two stable conditions – either the cat is alive or dead. There is some math involved but for the most part, this is the simplified version.

I wonder if the following applies. Reality, in this case, is based on perception. We see the cat and it is either alive or dead. Perception, however, is just a collection of bioelectric nerve impulses and can be fooled. Given sufficient technology it is possible to make a person believe they are seeing, tasting, touching, or hearing anything you want. Nerve impulses can be counterfeited. In that way, reality is subject to counterfeiting. The Enterprise’ holodeck is not that far away. Better yet, if the eye and ear can be fooled, the sense of touch and taste are equally easy. Impulses to the right area of the brain are all that is required. This begs the question, IS THERE a reality? Do we even exist except as mutually agreed upon hallucinations. You watched The Matrix, right?? If this WAS the case, is there any way you could know?  This is the sort of stuff that keeps me from sleeping well.  Nite all.



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