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Super Position State…Catch the Wave April 24, 2012

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Just a short entry tonight.  I have been reading more and more to find material for sermons.  (I’ll let THAT cat out of the bag at a later date).  I was tossing ideas around last night and as I dumped out my mental toy box I was struck by a dead cat.  The cat was owned by a fellow name Erwin Schrödinger and it had been in the box for a long time.  You might wonder how a dead cat could find its way into a sermon, or for that matter, a toy box.  Well, lemme enlighten you…

For those unfamiliar with the idea of a dead cat as a tool of modern physics I draw your attention to a group of men called Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen.  The first you may already know.  The other two make their living doing the same sort of thing only not quite as well.  They wrote an article outlining the potential problems with Quantum entanglement.  Now it should be pretty apparent that having one’s quantum tangled up would have far worse consequences than just wrapping your kite string around some tree branches but no one could have ever foreseen what it would lead to in the end.

Erwin Schrödinger corresponded frequently with Einstein (something people did before email) concerning his (Einstein’s) interpretation of tangled quanta.  Einstein, and other snuff dippers held the position that where a complex system entered an unstable state, that it in fact existed simultaneously as two possible states and would continue to do so until it was perceived.  At that point the whole thing would collapse into one or the other possible states.  The two possibilities would exist superimposed on each other until someone looked at it and then perception allowed the system to resolve into one or the other conclusions.  Now did anyone out there follow that?  Hey, I had to read it twice myself.  I am not sure why this interpretation is limited to snuff dippers for the most part but it is, in fact, known as the Copenhagen interpretation.

Schrödinger proposed a system in chaos.  He put a cat, along with a container of potentially lethal poison inside the box.  He also included some random and arbitrary method for the poison to be released onto the cat.  In short, the cat would not survive the experiment.  He then proposed to Einstein that the cat would continue to exist in a wave superposition state, at once alive, and dead, until the box was opened and the corpus delicti detected so to speak.

In Copenhagen it is held that observation or some measurement is enough to collapse the system into one or the other classical realities.  Why should we stay with something simple?  The “Many Worlds” theory holds that with any unstable system, upon observation, the event line in the space/time continuum  would split into an infinite number of possibilities.  In one reality the observer sees a dead cat.  In another, the cat survives.  In yet another possible realm the observer finds a dog in the box or becomes an Oregon pink shrimp just as he opens the box.  Since there are an infinite number of possibilities then everything that might happen, will. 

How does a dead cat find its way into a sermon?  Well… as a believer in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the redemption of a sinful mankind, I see the duality in all people.  As the cat is both dead and alive in the box, sinners are at once alive in the body and dead in the spirit.  As perception from an observer is the key to collapsing the system into one or the other possible outcomes, the sinner’s own perception of his condition, in the light of or more correctly measured by the example of the life of Christ, is the only thing capable of collapsing the system into one of two possible outcomes.  Either the sinner will respond favorably by acknowledging his inability and imperfection and accepting the sacrifice of the savior OR the sinner will rebel and deny that any such thing exists.  Either way, perception is the key.  I am trying to organize all this into a workable sermon that ordinary people can understand but I still can’t figure out how to work in those snuff dippers.  Church people are kind of sensitive about that sort of thing.   nite all.



1. Laurel Scales - July 14, 2012

Son, I’m getting a neck ache from all this.

regan222 - July 15, 2012

As soon as I get enough of these to finish my book I will start tossing the corn a little lower. I figure I need between 40 and 50 to have enough material to publish.

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