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Church Media: It’s really not the end September 18, 2011

Posted by regan222 in Religion.
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Are you one of those Christians who think that the words “Christian” and “media” don’t belong in the same sentence?  Do you feel that a screen with words and pictures hanging in a sanctuary is the end of western civilization as well as organized religion?  Take a deep breath because I am going to challenge that belief. 

For as long as there has been organized religion, there have been attempts by the clergy to illustrate points and proverbs for their congregations.  Believers who oppose any effort by a minister to use methods outside the Bible and the human voice to illustrate or expand upon a point would do well to remember that Jesus himself delivered his most powerful sermons in the form of parables or “along side” stories that illustrated the point he was trying to make.  He was also known to write in the dust to emphasize a meaning.  Through out church history, paintings and sketches have been used with great effect to enable the spirit to see great truths in a message.

The Apostle Paul called for the use of any means to present the gospel so that some, who might not be saved through fear, might be saved by kindness.  We are doing a disservice to anyone who is willing to spread the gospel of Jesus if we try to limit their methods in any way.



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