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Jigglin’ My Fat Down the Road November 9, 2010

Posted by regan222 in Uncategorized.

OK, I gave the Thyroid medicine a chance and I admit it.  I DO feel better.  Physically and mentally I am feeling better than I have in years.  Apparently there is something to hypothyroidism.  To anyone over 40 I would recommend a blood test just to see how you are doing; especially if you have been feeling tired, run down, or depressed.  Now on to the next thing.  The thyroid gland controls a huge portion of the metabolism.  When it does not work, very little exercise gets down, and what does get done is much less than effective.  A person suffering from hypothyroidism gets tired so fast that they don’t ever reach a level of exercise that does them any good.  Now that I am feeling more myself I have started a serious training program.  Just like football I am running myself through “two-a-days”.  I start at 6:10 am and work run/wobble until 6:45 am and then go to work.  I start in again at 7:45 pm (after we get the baby to bed, wouldn’t want to miss any play time) and work til after 8:00 pm.  It is ironic that I am modeling my training program after a football workout since my weight is now approaching that of most offensive linemen (college, not pro).  I have gotten north of 280 pounds and I know it will take a while to get rid of it.  I ask all of you to pray for me (gotta get that excess weight off so I can hang around to see my little boy graduate and go off to play starting quarterback for UT.)  Also, if you see what appears to be a large marine mammel waddling down the road early in the morning, wave as you go by.  It will probably be me.



1. April Saavedra - November 9, 2010

Thanks for sharing!! I’m praying for you…Let’s go Regan…Let’s go!!!

2. Yvonne Bilbrey - February 11, 2012

I have faith in you and the Good Lord to help you. Walking is the big secret and your doing it. Not many men discuss their thyroid. I take thyroid med and have for 40 years. If you miss one day it will take 3 days to catch up. It effects your skin..hair and so many bodyparts. Take care and God Bless that little James Parents.And James!

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