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It’s Me Again Margaret November 5, 2010

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Well I finally got ’round to writing something.  Even at this late date I am not sure what sort of entry this will be.  Until recently I have been loosing interest in most everything.  I have gone to the doctor and we have determined that my thyroid gland has stopped working.  (Perhaps I did not offer it a nurturing and up-lifing work environment or maybe my compensation package was not suitable but for whatever reason, it quit).  I have begun taking syntheroid which I am told I will be on for the rest of my life.  I am guessing that it needs to build up in my system to be really effective because I have not noticed a great difference but have only taken two of them.  We shall see.  Anyone with thyroid trouble would be most welcome to comment and tell me what to expect.  With any luck at all this medication will help me get some interest and motivation back in my life.  Wish me luck.



1. Sheila - November 5, 2010

It sounds like you are hypothyroid. I am just the opposite of you, I am hyperthyroid. I used to take Synthroid, but after I had Hannah my TSH levels stabilized and I haven’t had to take anything since. Sounds like you need to have another baby!!!!! 😉
Give yourself at least ONE week, you WILL notice a difference!!!
Praying for you!!!

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