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Government of the Politicians, by the Politicians, and for the Politicians March 22, 2010

Posted by regan222 in News and politics.

The Crime
Unless you have been vacationing on the Moon, you are no doubt aware that the United States has taken a very large step down the slippery slope of socialized health care.  Have you investigated exactly what this change means for you?  I have.  It means I can go back to the chiropractor or physical therapist and get my back worked on and Blue Cross can’t deny my claim because the condition was pre-existing.  It means that my parents will finally have enough money to pay for all of John’s perscriptions without having to miss paying another bill during one month.  There are several other aspects of the reform that apply directly to me and, I am willing to bet, some of you as well.  These are things that, on the surface, look like wonderful benefits.  No doubt that hunk of Cheddar or Colby sitting on the trigger of a mouse trap looks like a wonderful benefit to the mouse just before he makes a grab for it. 
How It Was Committed
America has given up one more piece of the freedom our Founding Fathers worked so hard to give us.  We are allowing the framework of Liberty that they built to be dismantled one brick at a time.  That is the key phrase: "one brick at a time".  Everyone knows the old adage about boiling a frog.  It is death by acclimatization.  Colleges today even offer classes in it.  Some tiny piece of our freedom is taken from us, but just a tiny piece.  We get used to not having it but we are still a free people.  Once the exit polls say we are used to that piece missing then another piece is taken.  We become angry and have Tea Parties and write congressmen but we get used to it.  Over time, tiny pieces of our freedom are stolen from us under the guise of reform or "change" I believe the word was.  The trick is to allow people to become acclimated before the next indignity is afflicted.  People have VERY short memories.  It takes no time at all to forget about all the little pieces of America that have been stolen from us under cover of political correctness or reform.  50 years ago no one even had to ask if a homosexual lifestyle was morally wrong.  Today one can be sent to jail for even hinting at such an idea.  50 years ago the drunkard was considered responsible for his own actions.  Today he is merely ill and in need of help.  Over time we have had the moral and ethical fiber of our country stripped from us and we sat back like the frog in the pot and allowed it to happen. 
Who Done It
Now, back to healthcare reform…It is going to save me a great deal of money as well as pain.  Why should I complain??  It is a very short step from telling people that they MUST have health insurance to telling them what doctor they can see.  If you are an HMO member you are already being told what doctors are available.  The next step will involve telling you what problems you have can be treated and what problems are not that serious.  THe new healthcare system is very specific about what it will cover and what it won’t.  Two or three steps later Washington is telling doctors where they have to live in order to practice.  If you think this is too extreme, take a look at the socialized system in Europe.  That is exactly what happens.  Medical professionals are spread out over the country according to some beaurocrat’s idea of demographics rather than where the doctor or nurse may want to live.  Who do you think is going to be paying for all the healthcare that Americans are being forced to buy under this new legislation?  If you have a job, YOU will.  The people who are being forced to buy health insurance are most likely the ones that can’t afford it because they are either unemployed or under employed.  Is this going to change just because they are suddenly covered by health insurance?  In point of fact, this process takes one more bit of motivation away from those people to impove their circumstance by themselves.  If the government is going to step in and provide me health insurance with <insert your name here>’s money then why should I try to get more education or search for a better job.  By giving people what they want the government is killing off the very values that made America great.  The idea of capitalism and free enterprise is being poisoned (once again one tiny bit at a time) by the very people that we elected to protect it.
What Can Be Done To Fix It
No one should ever complain about something unless they have a solution to offer.  Can we do anything about this??  Yes we can and should if we wish to preserve any bit of freedom for future generations of America.  A wise man once said "You can’t fix stupid".  This is true but you CAN vote it out of office.  That is the cure.  We need to be sure that any politician who chooses not to listen to his or her constituents does not serve another term.  We also need to let our elected officials know exactly what we think of their work.  Find out how your representatives voted on recent issues and then write and tell them if you agree with that or not.  The reason that stupid things like this get passed is that the people behind them are active and zealous.  Most American citizens are not.  It is somehow distasteful for the average American conservative to be active in politics.  That is why most legislation that passes is proposed by liberal extremists.  They are ACTIVE.  Our only defense is to become so while we still have anything left to defend.  This is more than just voting.  You (yes I said YOU) should be writing letters to elected officials,  posting or passing blog entries supporting mainstream ideas, and most of all EXERCISING the freedoms you have been blessed with.  If you have done nothing at this point and continue to do nothing then you are getting exactly the government you deserve and should not complain.


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