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Vanishing Point February 28, 2010

Posted by regan222 in Movie Madness.
Last night I watched, once again, a very good movie.  This movie is good in the sense that it is entertaining and holds one’s interest.  It is not good morally, in that it glorifies all the things that were wrong with the 60’s.  It is not good creatively in that it is low budget and the dialog could use a little polish, but if we measure the worth of a movie by how much we enjoy watching, the this is a great movie.  An ex-race car driver/cop who was framed and fired for druges because he prevented his partner from raping a hippie chick, has a job as a car delivery driver.  He also has a serious amphetamine habit.  Our man Kowolski takes on the job of delivering a ’70 dodge challenger with a super charger from Colorado to San Franciso in 10 hours.  In the first few moments of the film, Kowolski is chased by a motorcycle cop who ends up getting run off the road.  So begins the best car chase movie ever.  For the next hour and a half Kowolski makes his way across the western US on the run from every law enforcement agency on the books.  A blind disk jockey named Super Soul (Clevon Little in a great role) takes up his cause and offers him information and help.  Super Soul ends up getting badly beaten by the local rednecks for his trouble. 
The beauty of movies from the late 60’s and early 70’s is that they had some wonderful cars to work with.  These machines came STOCK with big block hemis and Holly Double Pumper carbs and super chargers.  Most cars off the showroom floor were easily capable of 160 mph, and they were CHEAP!  You could buy several exact copies to destroy in stunts and not ruin the budget.  The star of this show (and the only known character) was a 1970 Dodge Challenger with a 440 cid engine and a super charger.  Carey Loftin, also the stunt coordinator for the Steve McQueen car movie Bullitt, was the driver and he is a master of the four wheel drift.  I will not give the entire plot away but needless to say the movie ends in a stereotypically 60’s scene.  As a sixties movie, it is not for the kids but it is definitely worth the time to watch.  PS – The Soundtrack is GREAT!!


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