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The War Goes On February 15, 2010

Posted by regan222 in Computers and Internet.
Another skirmish in my eternal war with the Vundo trojan was waged tonight.  The victim was an elderly lady with an elderly computer and dialup internet.  The likely culprit was her son (at least 50 years old) who still lives with her.  I noticed, as I ran the scan through the Internet cache, a lot of files with names like "nude_teen.jpg", and "Madam Spanksalot’s House of Domination".  If you are going to look at crap like that, use your OWN computer, not your mothers.  Also, if you are over 40, GET A JOB and move out of mom’s house.  33 infected files later and she was off on the information superhighway at the blazing speed of 26.4 KBps.  (If you can’t see the sarcasm there, you need glasses).  This brings up an interesting point.  If you are a purveyor of porn on the Internet and don’t want anyone else to know, then make sure you can repair your own PC.  Everything you have done and every site you have been to in the last year is stored somewhere in there.  The pictures you have looked at and the video clips you have leered and panted over are still there.  Guess What?!?  All computer technicians know exactly where to look.  We know what you are doing, where you have been, and why there are keys on your keyboard that don’t work.  If you find yourself infected with malware a lot and are going to these kinds of sites you should make the connection.  This is where the viruses are coming from.  Those people are not putting up all those pictures just so you can see a real live nekkid girl.  They want you to go to those sites so that they can get something from you.  They want credit card numbers, passwords, email addresses, and any information you might have in your PC that will make them a bit of cash.  These sites are slick shiny bait for sucker fish.  They pull you and keep you there long enough to download something on your PC to get them the information they need.  Take the money you are wasting on those monthly credit card charges and spend it on a haircut.  Find the courage in your pathetic little heart and ask SOMEBODY out.  You will be much happier in the end (and will find that you have a ton more self-respect).


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