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THe Worst Thing On The Internet February 11, 2010

Posted by regan222 in Computers and Internet.
I ran across a very annoying thing on the Internet yesterday.  I was sent a PC to clean up after it had been infected with the 2010 Rogue antispyware program.  This program basically installs itself on your PC, downloads all manner of spyware, and then, like the man on the street who promises that for $50 he will make sure nothing bad happens to your car when you park it there, offers to remove the spyware it installed if you will only enter your name and creditcard number.  This particular program installed a copy of the Vundo trojan on the PC in quesiton.  It is a beast to remove.  The combination of spyware and malware would not even allow a user to log in.  I had to download a copy of a Windows Vista recovery disk as well as a home made file replacement disk to boot the PC and restore all the corrupt profile information so that the user could even log in.  THEN I had to remove the program.  The secret to getting rid of these little monsters is 1) use malwarebytes antispyware to find and erase the bugs, and 2) do all work is SAFE MODE.  If you just try to remove the malware logged into regular windows, you will find that the program finds them but is unable to delete them because it is impossible to delete a file in process (running).  In safe mode, nothing starts up but the bare necessities and so virus or malware programs are not likely to be running and may be deleted easily.  Another important thing to consider is that if you are browsing the Internet and a box pops up that says something to the effect that "we have discovered a bajillion viruses on your PC, click here to get rid of them", DON’T CLICK THERE.  More importantly, DON’T CLICK CANCEL EITHER.  It amazes me how many people are smart enough to know that the popup is a trick and yet are trusting enough to believe that the guy who coded the popup would make a cancel button that really worked instead of making it do the same thing as the install button.  EITHER ONE WILL CAUSE THE MALWARE TO INSTALL. 
Don’t panic.  Hit ctl+alt+del and when the task manager pops up, select the applications tab.  Highlight INTERNET EXPLORER and click the END  TASK button.  This will make Internet Explorer stop what it is doing, (downloading malware) and exit.  Make sure that you empty the cache file IMMEDIATELY and you should be OK.  Whatever you do, DON’T CLICK ON ANY BUTTONS.  There is my tech tip for today.  One more thing…only have ONE (1) antispyware application running on your PC at any one time.  They don’t play nice together and can create false positives and also ruin system files while fighting over permission.  Keep one program up to date and keep a scanner (malwarebytes is the best) handy to clean up accidents.  Tomorrow I will explain why firewalls belong at the router/gateway and not on your PC.  Nighty nite.


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