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This was no boat accident…Did you notify the coast guard? February 10, 2010

Posted by regan222 in Movie Madness.
I brought out my copy of Jaws and watched it again tonight while working on my lesson for tomorrow.  The movie does not get old.  It still plays well and the effects are still good.  I am finding that I like models and mechanics better than CGI even though I am a huge pixelphile.  CGI still does not look real.  The add in scenes that George Lucas crammed into Star Wars IV STILL don’t look right even though he waited 20 years to do it.  I have never seen a CGI based movie that looked right.  Even Jurassic Park looked CGI.  They still can not simulate weight and mass.  The best use for CGI is still quick hits and flashes across the screen that don’t give you time to see how light weight the effect looks.
I really need to get busy and get tomorrow’s bio lesson together.  We cultured bacteria plates today but I don’t think they will be ready and even if they are I am not ready to make slides.  We will do that on Tuesday.  I am taking some time off. 
Sorry for the interruption…back to the movie.  Quint, Brody, and Hooper are heading out to meet the shark.  This is the best part of the movie.  I especially like the scar comparison scene.  Quint rambles on about the mission of the USS Indianapolis and the subsequent sinking.  If you would like to know the real story you can find it at the other end of that link.


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