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I’m Apathetic and I don’t Care WHO knows it!!! February 2, 2010

Posted by regan222 in Educational Ranting.
I am increasingly disturbed by the lack of concern among students today for their own success in education.  I realize that the American teenager is self absorbed to the point of sociopathology but this is frightening.  I assigned a worksheet during my TAKS remediation class today.  As I handed out the papers, I noticed some students getting up from their seats.  These students were handing in the assignment that I had just passed out.  They had completed the assignment in under 1 minute.  I was, needless to say, amazed until I began to grade these papers and found that of the 11 questions assigned, the average student that had turned the assignment in, missed 9 of 11.  This tells me that the students, knowing that they are supposed to be preparing for the most important test of their educational careers, the exit level TAKS test, really did not care at all whether or not they pass, and by proxy don’t care if they ever get out of high school.
I am told that the frontal lobe of the brain does not complete development until the mid twenties.  This would explain some of the self-centered personality problems inherent in being a teenager but one would think that even an infant could see the benefit in NOT being in high school when one was 25.  I feel like this is a recent problem.  I remember being in school and being less than interested in whatever lessons were going on.  I also remember telling myself that I did NOT want to be here forever and that the path to security and success goes right through the doors of the local high school.  Today we are so concerned with protecting our children from every possible consequence of their actions that we are raising a generation so completely apathetic that they don’t even care about the things that directly impact them.  Alternatively perhaps they have been coddled for so long that they are just sure that someone, mommy or daddy or someone,  will come to their rescue and let them slide.  Most of these kids are so apathetic that they won’t even bother to make up a good excuse for not working.  They are very straightforward in telling me they did not study for a test that they had known about for weeks.  They will easily tell me they just didn’t feel like doing homework the night before.  I spend days and days in every class trying to persuade students to turn in late homework assignments.  This has changed drastically from the days when an assignment was due whenever it was due and we were given a zero if we missed that deadline.  We wonder today why our workforce is filled with people who can’t arrive on time, don’t want to work, and feel entitled to outlandish salaries the day they are hired.  The reason we have people like this in our workforce is because we have carefully trained them.


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