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Discovery Woes Part II. January 28, 2010

Posted by regan222 in Educational Ranting.
Lets see…Where was I??  Oh yeah.  Discovery Channel and their predictions of future animals presented as fact.  It is wonderful that technology has the ability to make us believe we see things that don’t exist but with great power, comes great responsibility.  (Uncle Ben would have been proud Peter.)   Ideas are many thousands of times mor dangerous than guns and yet we require a 5 day waiting period with guns.  Ideas we sling around without any regulation or control at all.  Do I believe in censorship?  NO, but I believe that people should be held responsible for their actions or even their ideas.  That is the key.  We are not responsible for anything anymore.  I think we should be.  A person should be held accountable for the good or damage that their ideas do.  People who promoted cigarettes as healthy and lied to the public about the damage they do should be held accountable.  One could counter by saying that people should have the freedom to look out for themselves but one can’t protect oneself from people who habitually lie and deceive.  Oh well, enough is enough.  It is raining very hard now.  The temperature is falling.  More than likely the roads will be bad tomorrow and I have to get a lesson ready on the off chance that we have school tomorrow.  Isn’t it funny how things work??  If I don’t do a lesson it is guaranteed that school will not be canceled but if I do the lesson it is likely that we will take a snow day.  Biology lesson for tomorrow.  We are talking taxonomy.  The science of naming and classifying organisms is the order of the day.  How would you like to learn something?  I’ll bet I can tell you a scientific name and you will remember it tomorrow and even next week.  The scientific name for the Robin is Turdus migratorius.  My students thought that was hilarous for some reason.


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